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Water Is Now Listed On Wall Street! What Does It Mean?

Last week the economic and ecological news portals exploded thanks to the that from now on water is listed on Wall Street. Which means in a few words that now the markets will be able to bet on the abundance or the scarcity of this resource in the international market.

Why now and not before? Well, the measure seeks to regulate its price or quotation against the needs in the near future in California, specifically regarding industrial and agricultural use.

The risk

Now, the fact that it is a measure in the state of California of our neighboring country does not mean that globally the care of water and its scarcity cease to be a problem that needs to be addressed.

Water had already entered the “game” of supply and demand in other nations of the world, as part of the markets and water banks, where agreements are established between concessionaires who have the right to use the water and producers that supply it. need, to offer or perform a product or service.

And if, in case you had not deduced it, there is a risk in the implementation of this type of measures in the world, since it favors business and returns, rather than caring for natural resources.

What happens in Mexico?

Although water is listed on Wall Street, in Mexico this resource is a common good, as established by the National Water Commission (Conagua), so to get to be listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange, several factors would have to be aligned.

This was made clear by José Oriol Bosch, director of Grupo Bolsa Mexicana de Valores:

“There should be a price index, which only happens when there are supply conditions, pricing policy and consumption control.”

Jose Oriol Bosch
So do not worry that the value of water changes in Mexico, because this measure does not immediately affect the price of the monthly water bill for your home.

It is a pity that the inhabitants of the United States cannot count on the same fate since now the value of this resource could be affected by its listing on the stock market of that country. Which will directly affect your water bill.

How much is the water worth?

Although water is listed on Wall Street, a market has not been created so the official price of water has not yet been determined, so in the coming weeks the fluctuation of this non-renewable resource could be high.

To give you an idea on its entry to the stock market, the water was quoted at a cost of almost $500 for one million 233 thousand liters of water.

The financial group CME that operates within the New York Stock Exchange, explains on its website that the price is an average value according to the contracts that exist for water rights and the sales of those rights of use in the largest and most commercialized regions. Of California.

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