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Simple Steps To Make A Small Bathroom Look Larger

It is difficult to furnish a small bathroom. But if you do your research, you can make it a success. Are you looking to maximize a small space? We will show you how to make small spaces look bigger.

Continue reading to learn the most important decorating rules for a small bathroom.

1. Small Bathrooms

This is even more true for small bathrooms. If you pay attention to how the space is organized, it will save you time and make it look larger. You should never throw away items that you use regularly. Wall-mounted soap dispensers, toothbrush cups and toilet paper holders can be mounted.

Use niches: Hooks and shelves can be attached to the wall between the sanitaryware or behind the door. You can store more furniture in this way.

Optimize: Don’t have too many shelves and cabinets. Instead, select a large piece. This creates order and brings calmness to the small bathroom.

The dressing table:  You will need enough space underneath the sink to do this. A vanity cabinet provides hidden storage for creams and razors, toothpaste, as well as other utensils.

2. Please be small, but not too small.

It makes sense to separate zones in large bathrooms. It is best to keep the bathroom one-sided in smaller bathrooms. Avoid using tiles in different shapes and colors. Line your bathroom with tiles and install an open shower. This will make your bathroom appear larger.

3. You have very little space. Fighting for every inch

Bathroom accessories and furniture that is poorly placed make small bathrooms feel cramped. This bathroom should have only a shower. A bathroom with tiled walls for the showerhead is much more spacious than one that has a tub.

If you can’t live without the tub, there’s a problem. Standard-sized tubs (170×75 centimeters) are not usually able to fit into small bathrooms. The solution is the space-saving bathtub.

The mini bathtub is our favorite. This tub is ideal for bathrooms that have a maximum length 150 cm. These tubs are particularly deep and can be used to take a relaxing bath. They also have a height between 50-70 centimeters. Mini tubs are not only beautiful, but they also save space.

4. All in white?

White is the ultimate bathroom classic. White is the best choice because there are less outlines, which makes the bathroom appear larger. You can also use colors such as gray, brown, or beige. Use light colors, or colors that are part of the same family. The more subtle transitions and contrasts in the color scheme, the smaller and more spacious bathroom will look. Accessories such as toothbrush cups, soap dishes and towels are great ways to add color accents.

5. Is it possible to have wood in the bathroom’s humidity?

A small bathroom will look larger with natural materials like light wood. It’s also easier to clean. What about wood in a bathroom that is wet? If you can. Certain woods, such as teak, larch and mahogany, are naturally water-repellent. It is a good idea to treat the wood with special oil in order to prevent water staining. Bathrooms are not recommended for oak, jatoba or merbau.

6. Change the tile

Good quality tiles are best for small bathrooms because they have a limited surface area. Large tiles are better because there will be fewer joints between pieces and a quieter surface. Mosaic tiles can be used to accent.

7. Turn on the light

Light makes small bathrooms seem larger. Sometimes, it’s enough to just adjust the ceiling lighting. Instead of one large fixture, use multiple bulbs. Floor lamps add spaciousness.

Small bathrooms don’t have windows so no natural light can enter. Think of larger changes like a skylight.

Original publication in AD Germany.

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