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How To Overcome Fears

Fear is what is between you and your dreams because it paralyzes you to take the steps to fulfill your dreams.

Today I bring you an exercise that I saw in an interview with author, businessman and investor, Tim Ferris, who titles this practice as “Fear Setting”.

So if you want to eliminate, once and for all, the feelings of fear and uncertainty that are holding you back from fulfilling your goals and dreams, this exercise is for you.

Steps to do the exercise to define and overcome fears

1.- To start with the «Fear Setting» exercise, think about a decision or action that you do not know whether to do or not. What is that matter that you have doubts about or do not know how to proceed? It can be a great decision or a project that you would like to do but fear or uncertainty prevents you from doing so.

For example: Asking someone out, quitting a job, starting a new business, breaking up with your partner. Think about it.

2.- Once you have it, take a pencil or pen and a sheet of paper that you are going to place horizontally.

3.- At the top you will include as a title the phrase: “What would happen if …” And you will complete it with that action, decision or change that you do not know whether to make the leap or not.

For example: “What if I started my own company.”

4.- Then, under this title you will include 3 columns. The first column is titled “DEFINE”; the second, “PREVENT”; and the third, “REPAIR”.

5.- In the first one, which is “DEFINE”, you will describe in detail what is the worst that could happen if you do that.

So, continuing with the previous example, you would ask yourself: what are the worst scenarios that could arise if I create my own company?

Every thing that comes to mind you write it down in a bullet point or bullet point. It is not just a question of saying: “Oh, well, the company does not work or fails.” No. You have to be super super specific. Whatever comes to mind, ask yourself: “What if that happens, what?”

Well, now you would put:

  • I can’t cover my rent.
  • My partner is leaving me because I am not contributing to the household expenses.
  • I will not be able to pay for my children’s education and health care.
  • Literal is putting any bad consequences that proceeding with that might come to have.

It is recommended that you reach a minimum of 10 vignettes, but it can be 20 or more.

6.- Then, in the second column, which is “PREVENT”, you will think about how each of the worst scenarios that you raised in the first column can be prevented.

So, you are going to write again in bullets: what are the things you can do – or that you can ask someone else to do – to reduce, even by 1%, the probability of these things happening?

So, following our example, it could be:

  • Seek government subsidies or support.
  • Find scholarships.
  • Find a part-time job that gives you income and time to plan your business.

In other words, think about preventive measures or what you could do to prevent those scenarios from happening. Here you also have to be very specific or specific. Think about it well. Almost everything can be prevented.

7.- Now that you finish with column 2, we move on to the third column, which is “REPAIR”. Here, for each of the worst scenarios that you put in the first column, you are going to write the same with bullets: what things can you do to repair that damage, even 1%, and get back up?

I mean, assuming every worst-case scenario you raised occurs, what can you do to recover?

Following the same example …

  • I am going to live temporarily in the empty room that a friend or relative has.
  • I can take a temporary job as a bar tender.
  • I ask for a loan from someone I trust.
  • I am selling something valuable that I no longer use.
  • And so on

Whatever you can do to reverse the damage.

Now, do not rush doing this exercise, it usually takes at least half an hour and I assure you that it will be the best time spent.

Analyzing your answers

Finally, when you have finished and analyzed your answers, you will realize that almost everything – if not everything – that scares you will happen, or can be prevented, or can be remedied in some way. Which is a huge relief, isn’t it?

The fear, as well as the objectives, must be set in writing because then they paralyze us and we do not explore all the possible solutions or solutions that we have if we decide to venture to fulfill our dreams and goals, and that is precisely what this exercise to define and overcome is for. fears and insecurities.

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