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Home Cleaning Products That Are Harmful To The Environment

Keeping your house clean these days is a priority for everyone. The Coronavirus pandemic is relentless, and it has caused people to be more and more focused on eliminating bacteria and virus within the home. However, some of the home cleaning products we use are harming the planet.

I am now going to show you the 5 worst cleaning products for the home according to the Organization of Consumers and Users:

  1. Toilet cleaners: These products are more aggressive than bathroom cleaners. Typically, they add pollutants directly to the water.
  2. Clean ovens: They are corrosive and usually contain caustic soda, so the instructions for use must be strictly followed. They are effective, especially in the catering sector, however, cleaning the oven after each use, while something is still hot, will allow us to more easily remove dirt and without having to use these products excessively.
  3. Chemical plungers: It is a very aggressive product with the environment and with the human being. To avoid using them, products such as the suction cup, compressed air, plunger wire or removable drain valves can be used.
  4. Disinfectants and antibacterials: They pose a danger to flora and fauna and at home they can be replaced by detergents capable of dragging micro-organisms.
  5. Air fresheners: They are products that are harmful to health as they can cause or worsen asthma, migraines, bronchitis … With good ventilation at home we can avoid using these products.

When looking for cleaning products, you should aim to be as eco friendly with your purchases as possible. For the sake of the planet, it is important.


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