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When I was younger at high school, I have to admit that I was one of those girls that wouldn’t say boo to a goose and typically sat quiet in the classroom getting on with my work. I wouldn’t say I was like all the other kids. Maybe I was like some of them, but I was not like those “popular girls”. They were all interested in boy’s music and some were sporty, although most were just so vain about their looks.

As I grew through school and went on to college, I never became like those “popular girls” who all seemed a bit fake to me at the time. Now years of moved on and I’m still myself I’m glad to say. I’m not one of those “popular girls” even though I am quite popular. I managed to gain my own identity in the last years of high school and throughout college. I discovered a huge passion of mine which was music.

That’s what this category is all about… Not necessarily music, but entertainment. Anything that instance me or you is what I want to write about here below.

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