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Cleaning Products That You Have In Your Home That Are Harmful To The Environment

Keeping your house clean these days is a priority for everyone, because the Coronavirus pandemic that we are going through does not take a single step back, nor does the pollution of water and even air give a truce . Those responsible are all the polluting cleaning products that you have in your home.

A study by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ( NOAA ) revealed that some cleaning products contain oil, which not only damages the water, but also the air.

They can even pollute the air as much as a car! You can believe it?

If what I’m saying doesn’t make sense to you, I’ll explain it to you, just like when you throw water out of the jug in the kitchen and you are lazy to clean it because you know that at a certain moment it will evaporate, when you mop with water and other substances, evaporate chemical compounds emanate.

You probably think what an exaggeration! However, how many houses at least on your block do they clean at least once a week, not to mention those that do a deep cleaning every day, now think of all the houses in the world.

Well that is the great importance of knowing what are the polluting cleaning products that you have in your home, so run to your cupboard or the place where you keep them and take a look.


Although it is a magnificent disinfectant that will ward off Covid-19 and any other virus from your home, it is also one of the polluting cleaning products you have in your home, probably the one that most pollutes the water .

However, the greatest contamination comes in its production process, in which mercury is used, a highly toxic material that can attack animals that swim near factories.

That when being fished and ingested by humans, they can severely damage the nervous system, even of unborn babies whose mothers have ingested this heavy metal.

Despite its dangers and the many chemicals used to make it, chlorine remains a staple for the chemical industry around the world.

Chlorine can cause irritation to the respiratory system, eyes, chest pain, vomiting, alterations in breathing rhythm and coughing.

In some very serious cases and after 30 minutes of exposure it causes toxic pneumonia, pulmonary edema and even death.

And if you are a skeptic, you should probably think twice, because constant exposure to chlorine has side effects on human health, among which are diseases in the reproductive system and cancer.


One of the biggest recommendations by the WHO was to maintain the highest personal hygiene to avoid contagion during this health crisis. One of the basic activities to maintain them is doing laundry.

This activity produces one of the greatest intoxications to the environment, by means of the detergent that pollutes the water, rendering it unusable for reuse.

In addition to the fact that sewage systems and landfills, in general, flow into oceans, rivers or lagoons in which the foam of your detergent arrives, which generates water pollution.

My recommendation is that you opt for the use of biodegradable detergents and I know that it may sound a bit complicated or even expensive, but in our country there is a wide range of biodegradable cleaning products that do not harm your wallet or the environment.

Aerosol sprays

During this quarantine, one of the cleaning products that are a must in any home are aerosol disinfectants, indeed, they are out of stock in convenience stores and in almost every place on the planet.

And it is that the coronavirus does not give truce and the mothers of the world seek to fight this dangerous disease, however, all aerosol items, whether deodorants, repellents or disinfectants in this presentation, are classified as one of the products of cleaning more pollutants you have in your home.

It turns out that aerosols damage the ozone layer, as they contain black carbon or iron whose effect has the same impact as greenhouse gases increasing global warming .

So before going to buy cleaning products and use up these sprays from the shelves of your favorite store, think twice if you want to end the ozone layer, because little by little we are wearing it down.


Another element that is surely part of the polluting cleaning products that you have in your home is paper, in all its forms, be it hygienic, on white sheets, notebooks, newspaper, etc.

Like chlorine, its greatest damage to the environment comes in its production process, since forests and large amounts of water are consumed in order to make it.

Some researchers found that humanity has finished with 46% of the total trees on the planet, since more than 15 billion trees are cut down annually, for different purposes, the most common being the manufacture of paper.

So now you know, if you’re going to be hoping cleaning all over your house, that’s fine, just try to use less polluting cleaning products. In this way you take care of yourself, your loved ones and all humans, animals and plants on the planet.

If you are interested in me making a list of the cleaning products that you should use this quarantine to take care of the environment and your health, leave your comment.

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