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Hello, my name’s Lisa Garnett. I’m a music lover and musician. I live in Fort Smith, Arkansas. I studied art at college and moved back home to Arkansas when I had finished my studies.

I work in an office doing marketing for an architect firm. My art qualifications didn’t actually do me any good that my college experience was a life experience for me.

Since coming back to Arkansas and working at my job for the past 2 years I decided to do something different and start a blog. It is early days, but I really enjoy doing this. I want my posts to be educational for people and to inspired others. I want to write about things that I observe and things that I discover and most of all, I hope to be interesting. I’d hate to be 1 of those boring bloggers, so if I do become that I will apologize in advance.

So, this blog is all about entertainment, about music and lifestyle and things about the home. I might even write about business which might be fun. I think it’s all about the daily grind of life as well as fun aspects of life mixed in with a blend and mixture of lifestyle and different cultures and where I could be making a difference.

So come back and discover more from me as I look to get inspired so I can inspire you.


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