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7 Board Games For 2 And 3 Year Olds

As of today, there are dozens and dozens of children’s board games . In this post, we are going to talk about the first board games that a boy or girl should try. If as parents you want to introduce your little ones of approximately 2 and 3 years to board games, you have to start here.

They are very, very simple games , of course. With 2 years and 3 years, they still cannot play complex games, but fortunately there are already several options to play at these young ages.

Regarding the ages, clarify that the phrase ” depends on each child ” must always be in your mind. Here are games that are officially for 2 and 3 years, and others that say that they are for older adults. But we put them here because, from our own experience, we have been able to play when we were 3 years old. But this depends on each child. Before buying a game, take a good look at its mechanics and see if it is for you.


– Age: +18 months
– No. players: 2
– Publisher: ThinkFun

Description: If your little one is not even 2 years old, THIS is your game. It is the only game on the list whose official age is older than two years: specifically, 18 months. It is a giant plush dice, with one face of each color. You just have to roll the dice, take a card of the color that comes out, and do what the card says. If you have a baby and you want him to be a gamer, you have to start here.


– Age: +2 years
– No. players: 1-4
– Publisher: HABA
– My first fruit tree, from Haba

Description: Cooperative game in which we have to collect fruits before the crow reaches the fruit tree. Dice rolls with colored faces are used. We already did a complete analysis of this game that was the first one that my two children played when they were 2 years old.


– Age: 3 years
– No. players: 2-4
– Publisher: HABA
– flash unicorn

Description: Very simple game, although very beautiful on the table, very colorful and with many crystals that will attract the attention of children. It is a kind of unicorn race, where you simply have to roll the dice and move forward, catching crystals along the way or shortcuts through the clouds. Ideal 3 years.


– Age: from 3 to 8 years
– No. players: 1-6
– Publisher: HABA
– My first treasure of games, by Haba

Description: This is a kind of “reunited games”, as this box includes 10 different games. There are different difficulties, and the simplest are suitable for 3 years. The materials and components are very attractive visually. There is a substitute for Parcheesi, UNO, cooperative games, a “memory”, and some even more original games.


– Official age: +4 years
– Age (according to own experience): +3 years
– No. players: 2-5
– Publisher: Mercurio
– Serpentine game

Description: Ideal game for the little ones, ideal as the first board game together with My First Fruit Tree. You just have to form snakes by joining cards according to the colors. Easy and they love it. The game indicates +4 but with +3 it is possible to play.


– Official age: +4 years
– Age (according to own experience): +3 years
– No. players: 2-6
– Publisher: Mercurio
– Cucu after what’s behind

Description: Very simple game. We have some cards in the middle of the table, with different pictures (and from behind, the same picture comes out with a little change). One player will turn over only one card, while the rest do not look. Then they will open their eyes and they will have to be the first to realize which card has been changed. Again, the game is +4 but with 3 years it can be played.


– Official age: +3 years
– Age (according to BGG users): +3 years
– No. players: 1-5
– Publisher: Tranjis Games
– Monster Kit

Description: Card game in which players are going to create hundreds of different funny monsters, drawing them, naming them, indicating their strength … from the cards shown. It has many possibilities to create new game mechanics, expansions, etc.

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